We help independent media sales
professionals save time
& make more money.
“iMediaSalesTeam is the #1 Platform for Connecting Independent Media Sales and Marketing Pros with the Media, Sites, and core digital products to drive revenue.
1. Sell Top Media Properties
You will open more doors and get more meetings with advertisers and marketers by being the exclusive and official representative of our top media brands.
2. Diversify Media Offerings
From business listings and websites to social posting and review management our Core Digital Platform gives you access to a complete digital agency with people and products.
3. Leverage Other Team Members
As a lone wolf you are comfortable working independently, but in this fast moving digital age you gain lucrative insights, knowledge, and assistance from the sales, ad ops, sales assistants, and finance team members.
Open doors with the right clients by representing Top Media Properties.
1. SendToNews (STN #1 Sports Digital Video) Larger than ESPN for
sports preroll. More

2. CNN Newsource – Exclusive Direct and Programmatic. More

3. Ancestry Sites (Findagrave, Rootstech, Genealogy.com) – Exclusive Direct Representative

4. iMediaAudiences – reach custom audiences online, retargeting, URL targeting, programmatic. More

Offer more diverse media products to start-ups, small biz, podcasters, and friends.

Social Posting Platform (post on FB/Instagram/Twitter all in one)

Social Posting Creative Services

Reputation Management: Review promotion and management

Business Listings and SEO

Website Development

Google Ad Words

Sales Tracking

Full Small Biz Digital Agency


Offer more diverse media products to start-ups, small biz, podcasters, and friends.
Leveraging Our Brand and People
My job is to be a super account manger, and help you put the right pieces in place so you can build your business and scale month over month..

Joshua R. Iverson – Founder and CEO – LinkedIn
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We are a team of professionals and the tide we create will raise all boats
The Training

  • Dozens of videos and other training materials for learning basic or advanced for core digital advertising.
  • Overview of our current portfolio
  • New Sites/Media Opportunities
  • Support staff – the ad ops team, finance team, admin team, tech team, marketing team, sales assistance etc.
  • How to sell Digital/Display/Social/Instagram/Facebook
  • How to sell Data/Email etc.
  • How to focus on niches for credibility — riches in the niches!
  • You will also train us as you bring new products and sites to the platform


  • Sales and Success Portal
  • iMediaSalesTeam Dashboard
  • Portfolio
  • The Team (we are all professionals)
  • Team Email/Calendar/Communication Tools
  • Database with over 5000+ contacts
  • Sellercrowd
  • Email/Calendar/Collaboration
  • Always adding the latest sales development tools
  • Josh’s Network